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Midwest Winged Wonder


Imagine an ostrich with huge claws like sickles, long powerful legs and a dinosaur’s toothy grin. Now double its height and give it a taste for flesh. This is the Dakotaraptor, one of the biggest and likely the freakiest-looking predators … Continue reading

Foreshock: Climate Change in the Gorge

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center presents “Foreshock: Climate Change in the Gorge”, a 3-part series with geologist Steve Carlson. The series begins Friday October 23, with an overview on Climate Change. An optional lasagna dinner will be served at 6 p.m., … Continue reading

Drone Footage Of Icelandic Lava River


Lake Of Fire: Drone Footage Of Icelandic Lava River 1:46 mins A drone camera flies over a red hot lava lake in freezing cold Iceland and nearly melts in the process. The stunning footage was captured by US videographer Eric … Continue reading

Mammoth Endeavors – Workshop and Talk


Take a trip through the Ice Ages on Sat., Nov. 14 with artist Stev Ominski and archaeologist Gary Kleinknecht. Stev Ominski will lead you through some fun and simple drawing exercises for beginners or those who don’t yet know they can … Continue reading

Arctic Dinosaur was well-suited for cold

This original painting by James Havens of Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis, the new species of duck-billed dinosaur, illustrates a scene from ancient Alaska during the Cretaceous Period.

Scientists have discovered a duck-billed dinosaur that lived in the Arctic Circle roughly 70 million years ago. The newly described dinosaur was dubbed Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis, which means ancient grazer of the Colville River. It was an herbivore that grew up … Continue reading

Gorge Geology Field Trip Guide

Ages End  byStev Ominski

This is the current field trip guide for the Gorge Geology Field Trip offered through the Columbia Gorge Chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute. It has been revised and updated several times since it’s original publication in 2011, and … Continue reading

Gorge Geology Presentation

Gorge Geology Presentation

This is a fairly short overview of Gorge Geology with emphasis on the Ice Age Floods. It is from a couple of slideshow presentations to Washington State legislators and Oregon State Parks visitors in the summer of 2015. There is … Continue reading

LAVA – The Movie

LAVA Storyboard

The Pixar animated movie “LAVA” was conceived from a trip to the big island of Hawaii and is based on Mauna Loa/Kilauea and a new volcano, Lōʻihi, forming in the ocean depths off the southeast coast. The storyboard shows how … Continue reading

J Harlan Bretz – HistoryLink.org Biography


Fans of the story of how J Harlan Bretz persevered with the Ice Age Floods theory will undoubtedly find very interesting the short online HistoryLink.org biography of his life. From a Michigan farmer’s son to a gumshoe geologist with an “outrageous … Continue reading

In Memory of Terry Hurd, Our Chapter Founder and President

Terry Hurd

Terry Hurd, our chapter founder and president, passed away on Saturday, July 25. Terry was a tireless advocate for spreading the word about the Ice Age Floods throughout the Gorge, and his passing has left a huge void that we need volunteers … Continue reading